Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Droga virus

I spent 1/2 of my day yesterday reinstalling my desktop thanks to a virus. I tried to avoid it but it got past peer guardian and two firewalls when i stupidly launched the emotionalintelligence.exe

I don't know why i did it. I was looking for that new book by that guy also has a new book about environmental intelligence. split second lapse of 13 years of working with networks and it slipped in and proceeded to eat away at my apps

I had no other choice, I would suffer the shame of it getting a hold of my contact list and sending some stupid shamie sales pitch email to everyone in it. How embarassing for those poor saps that i've recieved the same inbox invitation from an ancient colleague to take a look at their favourite place to shop on line.

backup the data/ format / reinstall the partition manager after XP wipes it out, setup up the desktop and reinstall the few day to day programs and another 20 or so fun apps that i keep in my environment.

About every six months or so i go thru this process so, have i ever made that image and kept it on the shelf ... not yet. but its really getting to the point where this old dog needs to learn that trick.
Then again I kinda like taking that half a day of spring cleaning, like organizing the closet and just getting things all in order. I end up running into folders and docs I havent seen in a while and those little apps I just love get back in the hilights and those ones i dont love well they never have another chance.

Here's to catching a computer virus and and taking the day to wipe it out before it ever had the chance to reek its havoc.

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