Monday, 4 May 2009

Caminhos da India cheio de Lunaticos

I don't really understand this Ali Babba novela, but everyone is watching it. If there was a way to avoid it I would, but the topic is about schizophrenics and its becoming schic in brazil to be a lunatic. You see teens and young adults are good to dress and act strange, then you grow up, get a job, make some money. But latley if your a lunitic you can act irresponsibility and blame the sickness, so its like Monopoly just added a "get off the hook, I'm crazy card". 

I'm glad i'm not going the lunitic route to get through facing some stupid moves. I'm  dealing with not having all the answers, naive and humble has been making life much easier than the moda hoje em dia, certeza, paranoid, and on psycotropic meds.



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